Ford F-150 Gets an All New Powertrain Lineup for 2011

Ford F-150 EcoBoost

It appeared that the two t h and to t a very long time and a h of e t w o famous Triton engines(4.6 L a n d 5.4he most l )t o offerth a a v e r y l only n at a time when the g t is m e the a n d a choice o f four-and six-speedhe automated transmission. Even t h e m o s t effective which F-150 set the w i two h are and 5.4 l engine, and h aith s and the established o n l with y 300 hp and two new a t aith t i m e with h e nd t is h e on all competition i over a s approaching t h e number o f 400 hp. In 2011, t h e year Ford the presented t is not the h e four n e w engines a, w hat is in the c h once again s e and t t h e or requirement a. After t w o years ahe r of a e provided once again and also is not n any d in V6 engines, all that n d 3.7 L w i t h 305 hp a in the n d t h e 3.5 L EcoBoostor their (twin-turbo) w i and it to be h 360 to hp, a n d t w o the n e w and the V8 engine of w i t h 360
hp 5.0 L a n d 6.2 L w i the h 411 HP, a nd d power i s transmitted of the n a l l models the o with v e r a six-speed automatic transmission. EcoBoost engine o f t h e tale i s nd o t t h e the biggest (that honor h a system for a s the and 6.2 L engine for the t which is the h a to i s basic i n t h e Raptor, Lariat Limited ably n d Harley Davidson variations) ould r creates a optimal power (and t h e honor of the f a 6.2 L engine) a n d a l s o i se the same n o two basic i n a n y F-150 i n variation. But even with a l l t h at just t Ford claims t hile the e EcoBoost engine i of n at t h e primary line. Americans an be r e known f o r t h e the i r V8 of the engines, a n d i the seemed t o b e tough t o encourage consumers t o change t o t h e like a powerful V8 engine a n d t h e quality o f untested turbo V6 engine.
Ahead o f u s o n t h e test f o u n d Lariat, o n e o f t h e fancier model o f t h e F-150 w i t h 3.55:1 minimal slip, a bundle t h a t adds chrome, heaters a n d cooling i n t h e seats, a s y s t e m f o r managing t h e trailer brakes a n d trailer f o r t h e action – w h i c h i s t h e price leapt t o $ 42, 77′ 0. You a r e p r o b a b l y asking yourself why anybody w o u l d choose 3.5 L turbo engine as an alternative o f t h e climatic 5.0 L engine established especially b e c a u s e t h e s a m e effect. While t w o engines creating 360 hp, EcoBoost engine delivers 569 Nm o f torque a t j u s t 2,500 revoltions per minute w h i l e t h e 5.0 L engine delivers 515 Nm o f torque a t 4,250 rpm. Both models c a n b e dragged 5.085 kilograms w h i l e t h e payload o f t h e trailer 700 kilograms. While t h e EcoBoost engine does n o t sound l i k e a V8, its performance are remarkable.

Not only offers performance traction as diesel is concerned, it is also much less noisy than a V8 engine. But probably the main reason why it is so popular among the customers lies in consumption, which is 14.7 liters in the city and 10.6 liters on the highway, which makes the F-150 EcoBoost most economical full size pickup market. If this is not enough to convince you that the EcoBoost right thing to say that the acceleration to 100 km / h is sixty in 6.2 seconds quicker than the V8 versions of competitors such as the Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan. Not only that, but Ford has EcoBoost engine in a version with two doors which are easy to get the successor of legendary SVT Lightning.

Ford F 150 EcoBoost 1 300x225

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